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Jon Scieszka Worldwide
Guys Read

A lot of boys aren't too crazy about reading.

I grew up with five brothers. I taught elementary school for ten years. I've been writing books for kids for fifteen years. And I've been thinking a lot about why boys might not like reading.

Boys often have to read books they don't really like. They don't get to choose what they want to read. And what they do like to read, people often tell them is not really reading.

We can help boys read by:

  • Letting them choose what they read.
  • Expanding our definition of "reading" to include:
    • nonfiction
    • graphic novels, comics, comic strips
    • humor
    • magazines, newspapers, online text
  • Getting boys to recommend reading they do like to other boys.
  • Providing boys with male role models for reading in school and at home.

The GUYS READ website is made to help with all of these things.

So go choose something to read from all the different kinds of reading and tell some other guys about it.

Guys Read website
Guys Read

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